Dimensions HRD was fortunate enough to be born in the securest of arms of two great visionaries. They are two, unique & different from each other, yet their vision in the field of Human Resource is one. No matter its Anish Handa or Mahesh Agarwal, the convergence is so beautiful and well coordinated that Dimensions is unflinchingly producing successful candidates for the companies in need. As a consequence, the companies which got in touch with Dimensions for the recruitment purpose are now the most satisfied ones with candidates identified by Dimensions.

The vision of founders at Dimensions clearly incorporates thorough understanding of the social processes and an individual when it comes to recruiting. And it has worked excellently so far. Their unfathomable understanding of the human psyche has enabled them to churn out the best lot of people for the companies.

In finality, the vision can be summed up as an attempt to build the strongest entrepreneurs at global level and sustain the practice for long to foster growth, development and success all around.